Mauritius Wedding Documentation

Have you ever fantasised about strolling barefoot on silky white sands or perhaps the prospect of taking your vows surrounded by stupendous views of the Indian Ocean and the scent of tropical flowers? Now World Leisure Holidays will make that dream come true for you. We will take care of all the legalities, the ceremony and the reception you’re your request, World Leisure Holidays will also arrange your bridal bouquet, photography, hairdos, cakes, music…in short, World Leisure Holidays will give you a wedding package that is perfect for you.

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There is nothing complicated about getting married in Mauritius, and of course, it is legally recognised in South Africa as long as you take a copy of your marriage certificate to the home affairs office on your return.

The important thing is to notify us 8 weeks in advance. Then, we can organise all the necessary legal formalities that have to performed for any marriage, and arrange for you to meet the Registrar who will conduct your ceremony.

It is important to arrive in Mauritius at least 3 working days before the actual ceremony, for all these formalities – and of course to give yourself time to relax, work up a tan and look even more stunning on your special day.

Legal Procedure to take place in Mauritius

Within the first three days of the passengers being in Mauritius before the wedding ceremony takes place the wedding couple will be required to visit the Civil Status Office in Port Louis to collect a certificate of non-residence and to have their passports and required documentation checked by authorities. This is followed
by a visit to the law offices for the preparation and signing of affidavits. The wedding couple will then have the opportunity to meet with the Registrar who will conduct the wedding ceremony. It is important to confirm under which matrimonial regime the couple wish to be married. It is also important that the couple present their matrimonial contract drawn up by an attorney to the Registrar. As this is an official meeting, dress is smart with long trousers for gentlemen.

Weddings can only take place after the couple have been resident in Mauritius for a minimum of 3 working days.

Required Documentation

Copies of the bride and groom’s passport.
Birth Certificates, both long and short certificates are acceptable.
If divorced, divorce certificate and previous wedding certificate. (Date and place of previous marriage and name of previous spouse to be shown). If widowed, death certificate and wedding certificate.
Should any of the partners have changed their name, proof is required.
If any of the partners is under 18 years of age on the date of marriage, an affidavit granting permission for the wedding to take place is required.
If any of the partners has been adopted, adoption papers are required.
Application to marry for non citizens – application form attached below.

Very Important Information

  • It is Critical that you forward copies of documents no later than 8 weeks prior to departure. If documents are not received by this deadline, we may not have time to complete the necessary arrangements.
  • All documents must be in English. (Please translate if in a different language – in the case of a divorce agreement – a legal translation is required and needs to be stamped by a Commissioner of Oath/Police Officer. Birth Certificates can be translated and stamped by Police Officer).
  • Original documentation must be presented to the Civil Status Office and the Registrar prior to the wedding taking place.
  • For any person who does not speak or understand English or French the services of a translator will be required at an additional cost.
  • Weddings can be celebrated 3 working days after arrival in Mauritius and can only be conducted on weekdays (Monday to Friday).
  • lease note any wedding that is cancelled will attract cancellation fees.

Please remember: Original copies of all relevant documents above must be taken with you to Mauritius.

  • Divorced Woman or Widows: Under Mauritian Law, weddings can only take place 300 days (9 months) after a divorce decree has been issued / or after a death certificate for previous spouse has been issued. If a wedding is required within the 300 day period (9 month period) a medical certificate
    confirming that the divorced woman or widow is not pregnant will be required. This certificate must be issued in Mauritius. The cost of this test is approximately R290.00.
  • It is important to know that in cases where your passport does not reflect your “full” name shown on your birth certificate, that the Mauritian authorities will complete your marriage certificate and affidavit with the name from your birth certificate and not your passport.

If you are already married and wish to either renew your vows or celebrate your wedding in Mauritius this can be arranged and the services offered would the remain the same with the exception of the legal formalities.

Additional Information

Group Weddings

It is important that we are advised as time of making the booking to total party size for all wedding bookings. This should include friends / family who may be staying at different properties who wish to attend the wedding, (Irrespective of whether they have booked with us or not) and also of any increase to the party size, after the original booking has been made. As you will appreciate, we need to inform the hotel of the number of people they are to expect and receive confirmation from them that this is acceptable – failure to do so could mean that the wedding package / price featured is void.

If you are staying at an all inclusive property

If you have family or friends (staying at a different property) who wish to attend you wedding it will be necessary (in most instances) for them to purchase a full day / half day pass locally to allow them to use the inclusive facility.

Quality of Photographs / Videos

Although the quality for both the above services are considered by the local country to be professional, it is important to note that the facilities can be limited in some areas and therefore not always comparable with the standards in South Africa.

Transportation of Wedding Attire

We suggest that you pack your wedding clothes in a dress bag and let us know if you would like us to organise with the airline to hang these in the hold of the aircraft. (Hanging space on the aircraft for wedding attire cannot be guaranteed.)

Engraving Jewellery / Printing Stationery

Although this is a very nice idea it is important to realise that there will always remain a possibility that your wedding date may need re-scheduling due to unforeseen circumstances. This obviously is a rare occurrence but nonetheless still something to bear in mind.

Choosing colours of flowers etc

As you can appreciate colours and types of flowers differ season to season. We would recommend that you make your choices locally as you may see a wide variety of colours/styles that you would not necessarily have first thought of.

Hairdressing appointments

Appointments cannot be made prior to arrival in the resort. You should make these appointments locally.

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